About Us



Catawba Juice Company was created from the owner, Valeria’s passion for providing clean, organic, healthy, nutritional options to local residents of the Port Clinton, Marblehead, Oak Harbor, Sandusky, and Fremont areas.

We specialize in a variety of vitamin-packed, nutritious, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, salads, and snacks.  We’re currently located at the Coin Laundry in Port Clinton at 480 SE Catawba Rd. in Port Clinton, OH.  We also will be opening a store in the summer of 2021!


We don’t use the term “locally sourced” lightly.  We use the best ingredients available to us – sourced locally when possible to bring the highest quality ingredients to all of the products that we create while supporting local growers.


Not to be confused with “cold-pressured,” the term cold-pressed is a slow, cold, squeeze-type method of juice extraction. This is usually achieved by grinding fresh ingredients into a mash or pulp, and slowly squeezing it through a cloth or mesh bag using a powerful hydraulic press. A true cold-pressed juice is never subjected to high RPM blades, excessive heat or blasted by air. It is the slowest, most delicate method of extraction that has ever or will ever exist. It is by far the most superior extraction method because it reduces oxidation and maintains the natural integrity of the juice. Unlike many of our competitors, we will continue to employ this method over other quicker, cruder alternatives because it is essential to yielding the highest quality juice product possible.